Mareselva was born out of enjoyment.

From the desire to share stories around plates full of colorful vegetables. Therefore, Mareselva was created by my friends, those who once sat at the table with me to debate, laugh, toast, celebrate, be silent or talking all at the same time. And among all of them, the special mention is for the children, because I feel very lucky to have them at my table every day. They are my greatest teachers and they fill my heart.


I am Bea.

I started cooking organizing vegetarian dinners when my parents weren't home before I was 15 years old, back in the blessed 90's. And I continue. For me, the most important thing is not the recipe, but what is created afterwards. I like simple, slow cooking, basically vegetable and healthy. I always prefer organic and local ingredients. Whether you are eating or fasting today, do it with one intention: to elevate you. Then get up. And enjoy the flight.