MARESELVA is a project that aims to create beauty both on your table and on your body, by facilitating access to healthy food that is collected, processed and served in a way that is respectful of you and the environment.


From the experience of the Es Viu cuina vegana restaurant until today, we have had many adventures, and every day we want to share more.




Our concept of health through food has led us to prefer a cuisine based on plants and with simple processes, without altering the product. That is why we always love to add raw food preparations to our menu as well.


Our idea of health embraces simplicity and enjoyment, without forgetting the colors.


We know that the shorter the list of additives in the final product, the better for our body. So we choose products that have not been altered with chemicals neither in their seed, nor in their cultivation, nor in their packaging.


For this we have a network of producers and suppliers that take the Earth into account, focusing on ecological, fresh and local products. The Universe we inhabit is a great living organism that it is our task to protect.


We choose seasonal products, cultivated as close as possible. Our island has delicious products and great professionals who bring them to our kitchen without leaving any traces on our precious planet.